Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chalk board DIY

Hey everyone,
 So, today I only have a short little idea! My little brother just turned 13! If you had read that from a couple posts ago you may realize that it's been about two weeks! Maybe a week in a half! Anyway, for one of his presents my mom painted his room! I obviously helped a little... Let me give you some background information! First off, before the bedroom became my brothers, it was my sisters! A few years back, or her 10th birthday, we (my mom, and I) had painted the walls lime green, and the ceilings hot pink! My brother has been living in that room for about three years now! And for those past three years, it has been lime green and pink! Not really his kind of colors. So, finally this year my mom (I and) got around to painting it! She decided to just go with the easy color; white! However, when my grandma was up a few years back, before my sister had moved out of the room, she had painted black chalk board paint on to the walls. When my mom came to painting it just a few days ago, she had to decide. Paint it all white, or finish the black chalkboard paint that wasn't finished (that was my sisters doing). She decided to finish the wall that was already painted black and to paint the others white! It came out wonderful!
 Now, the point behind this post! What my parents and my brother have found is that, when school started, my brother needed a place to keep organized with his schedule! They later figured out to write it above his desk on his chalk board wall! I just felt like it was a cool little idea! Really imaginative and it does keep everything organized! Just thought I would share!

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