Thursday, September 13, 2012

Too many people thought this was my hair...

Hey everyone,
 Lately, things have been winding down! For the past couple weeks it has been pretty busy! Luckily, I am getting in to the swing of things! I have been trying to figure out new hair styles for my hair (not lengths but styles), something I can do that isn't JUST leaving it down or pulling it in to a ponytail (though easy and sometimes nessecary). But, also take less time then straightening it or curling it! So, one of my latest ideas!

It is just a brown cord (any color would be awesome, I just couldn't find any other) that i tied around my head twice! A lot of people had to look at it a couple times, because they thought it was my hair that I had twisted and wrapped around my head like so! So, please, comment below! Share your thoughts, ideas! Thank you!

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