Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hey everyone,
I have VERY big news to share with everyone today! If you are a daily or weekly reader you may have realized that, I have been very busy, and my blogging has been slightly worse then mediocre. But, the big exciting news is, I got my first car! You might not know this, but I am not yet sixteen, which means that I can't drive it anywhere without a parent in it! And, it is a stick shift which, I don't know how to drive! So, by the time I learn stick and get better at driving (I have already taken drivers ed and I have my permit), it will be March and I can get my license to drive wonderful LOLA! A lime green volkswagon Beetle! Oh how I love Lola!
Now, Lola is my first car ever! So, she is a little old and was very inexpensive! I like to think of her as fragile! But, Lola is going to need some love, which I have a lot of! So, comment below. What was your first or favorite car?


  1. Hey Maya, congratulations on your first car! Lime Green is one of my favorite flavors. My favorite car was a little blue VW. Wish I still had it! --DOC

  2. How fun! Mine was a 1955 Ford Fairlane I got for graduation. You need to have a picture with you waving out the drivers window. Gramalu

  3. Awww cute little car! Unfortunately I don't have a car or license...yet! Lol