Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving... and Black Friday Plans!

Hello All,
 I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! Mine was pretty spectacular, filled with family and good food! You can't ask for much more, right? Tomorrow, bright and shiny, early in the morning my cousin, grandma, and I are going to take a trip down to Joann Fabrics and get TONS of stuff! Super EXCITED! So, being the anxious kid I am, I decided that for me to buy fabric, I needed designs! So, my cousin and I pulled out some inspirations (seventeen magazine, Pinterest (check mine out: etc.) and drew up some designs! I colored in some colors, however, those are not what I am basing the design or my fabric buying off of! I merely drew in the colors so I knew what I was kind of looking for in boldness or softness, pastel, or neon and so I could show how different colors work with each other! So, the main point of this little ramble is that when I post pictures of what I actually create or buy, don't expect the same colors!
 Also, I would like to apologize before hand about the quality of pictures.... I am sorry... I needed a new camera!!
So, this skirt I am planning on putting in an invisible zipper in the back... and I want the bow to be a bright color. Perhaps, a gold or silver, while the skirt be a basic or neutral color!

If you can't tell, this is supposed to be a high-low skirt! Also, I do want to find a polka dot material for this skirt, however I would rather find a smaller polka dot pattern!

These shorts are just me randomly drawing! However, the one at the top which is SO badly drawn is an idea I found where the lace would go on top of the jeans... so many things could be made of this idea! Thank you Pinterest!

This, well this dress incorporates what I have ALWAYS wanted to do which is a peter pan collar! Also, I really want to use a bold fabric on the actually dress!

This dress I am thinking would be very modern looking! Also, I would have to use non clingy materials (NO KNITS)

This is pretty self explanatory! Just a dress, I am going to use a cool stitch in the middle to create the gather!

This dress I am hoping I can make really poofy! That would just make my life wonderful! However, after I drew this I realized DO NOT MAKE IT ORANGE! IT LOOKS LIKE A PUMPKIN!!

My cousin told me to draw this one up! Basically, make a regular T-Shirt and add some bows to the back! If you haven't noticed... I LOVE bows!

Oh look... another bow! This design is difficult to explain... and I really don't think it would work! However, it basically just layers different variations of the same color on top of each other!
So, I hope you like what you see! Over the weekend I will post some of what I got and what I am going to do with it! Comment on what you think!! Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday!!

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