Friday, October 19, 2012

Yum.. Brunch!

Good, well I guess it is the afternoon,
 This morning has gone by so fast, I have yesterday and today off from school, so I have spent these couple days sewing, eating, watching Netflix, and doing homework! This morning I woke with intentions of getting tons of stuff done, however, after watching a show for several hours, and spending to much time going through my twitter page,  I have only accomplished cleaning part of my room, and making a yummy brunch which I ate with my younger brother earlier today.
 For my lovely brunch I made two eggs which I put hot sauce in before I cooked it, and toasted two pieces of bread. I then placed salsa over the toast, and placed the eggs on top. I also made myself a yummy mocha coffee with mini marshmellows. Yum!

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