Monday, October 22, 2012

Molly Dress

Hello everyone,
 If you looked at my post from yesterday you would have realized that I promised to upload the pictures of the dress I made over the weekend! Since, I like to keep my promises, that is what this post is about! So, I hope  you all like it, comment below on opinions and thoughts! They are VERY much appreciated!
So, it all started with the design. I know I am not the best drawer, however this was just for me to remind myself of the idea!
I tried to show the pleats that are in the dress, however that didn't work out very well!

This is the final product! I know that from here the design on the material looks like polka-dots however, they are small blue flowers. Comment on how I should make my design (Above) look more like my final product! Drawing tips?

In the back, I added a zipper, and two clips so I can remove or attach the belt. From here you can tell what the design on the material looks like!

Just a side view of the dress!

Hope you like the Molly Dress!!


  1. I celebrate your talent! This dress is gorgeous, I love those baby blue accents, and the fit looks great on you! Keep up the great work with your sewing and DIY projects, M!