Saturday, August 25, 2012

Organization: Button Project

Hello everyone,
 So, a couple days ago I was sewing and I needed 5 of the same buttons. However, it took FOREVER to find the buttons because all of my buttons were in one jar. To find the buttons you had to dump out the whole entire jar and then organize all of them! So, instead of finishing the skirt I was working on I took the half an hour to organize the buttons so in the future it would not take nearly as long!
 A couple years ago, my mom had a truffle business were she made the yummiest little chocolates ever! However, that ended a year or two later when her business partner moved. But, we still have all of the old packaging they used. This is were it leads back to the button story. So, with the little boxes, and the cute mini cupcake-like wrappers, I organized all of my buttons by color, size, and how many holes there were! Here are the pictures!

I LOVE the cute little giraffes in the truffle wrappers. ADORABLE!


  1. nice organization)

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  2. hey thank you! was just looking for the GFC follow button but couldnt find it! Would u mind sending me the link. then I'll follow asap!

  3. Lovely how you have organized all those buttons! And you have quite a collection! Happy to visit from a comment you left on my blog, I wish you all the best for embarking in the new experience of blogging, I'm sure you'll enjoy it! I'm looking forward to see more of your cute ideas on the blog and I'm happy to follow you on bloglovin!