Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY: Ringholder!!

Hey everyone,
I have always loved finding new ways to hold rings! I particularly don't like using those sections that come in a jewelry case, I like coming up with new ways, because I can never get them out of those sections! So, here was a little invention I made! It worked pretty well, but I would have used a container to put it in!
Here it is!

Start with a few twigs. Depending on how many rings (it can hold hoop earrings too) you have, it can change the length of the twig you want!
I put a cute how around the twigs to hold them together! Underneath the bow though, I advice using a piece of tape!!

Here it is! Again, like I said above I would put it in a cute little container or use a bottle cap with styrofoam in the bottom (or that green stuff used for flower arranging that I can't remember the name of) to attach it and hold it in place!

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