Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tank Top DIY

Hey everyone,
So, I have been wanting to do a DIY for a little while now so, here it is! I have had tons of regular old tank tops in my closet for a while and they were just plain tank tops that I normally wore under other shirts. However, since it is summer I wanted to be able to wear a white tank top but, I felt as if I needed to spice them up a bit! So, here is my first DIY ever! Hope it goes well!

So, you are going to want to start with just a plain white tank top! Or any color really!

Find some sort of lace. I love this color with the white! The white makes the other color stand out!

Pin the lace in place, around the top of the tank top.

Sew the lace on to the tank top, following the pins.

Make the bow out of any old material that you feel would look really good with the tank top and lace.

Hand sew the bow to the place on the tank top with the gap and then it is ready to wear!

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