Monday, August 27, 2012

Soap Air Freshner DIY

Hey everyone,
 So, today is going to be a quick post! But, that's ok, right? Oh well... Anway, today I am going to show you guys a really cool DIY that my friend (Jess) did and showed to me. Ok, so what it is, is a bar of soap that you leave in the box, and instead of using it for it's normal purposes, you cut holes in the top of the box, creating an air freshner!
So, this is the soap out of the box. Normally, you would just leave it in there (we took it out for photographic purposes) and you would close up the box and throw in a drawer or locker or something that you feel smells gross! You can always decorate the box to make it look pretty! Maybe using duct tape! Perhaps that will be my next DIY! If anyone comes up with a cute way to make the box prettier, just comment below, or do it and send me a picture ( my email is to the side) either way... Also, you don't need an idea to comment. If you just feel like commenting.. that's cool too!

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  1. I used the soap itself without the box. I'll try this one and compare the difference of the two methods. Thanks