Monday, August 6, 2012

My Latest Designs

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to show you what I have been up to lately. Hope you like them! (by the way, I did not use any patterns to make these items. They are all from my brain!)

The Fefe dress (the Shmancy dress)
If I had to choose a favorite, this would be it! And, it is my best work I must say. Only problem is, where in the world would i wear it! But, don't worry.... I will figure it out! My favorite part? The lovely bow belt in the front! It is a three piece outfit, including a loevly black skirt that was made out of bed sheets, a wonderful gold one sided top, and of course the wonderful bow!

The Necklace Dress
So this one is a bit shorter then the rest! It's more like a shirt then any of the others! It has a removable belt going across it so, you could wear it really puffy if wanted! My favorite part about this is that around the neck is one of my old necklaces that i used instead of cord or something like that.

The Victoria Dress
This one I made out of an old window curtain. I love the draping technique I used! Also, I love how it is a bunch of different lengths so it adds some different dynamics to the dress. Since the dress is see through I had to make a black slip to go underneath. I think the black looks really good with the pale pink.

 What else could i call this one? It has to be The Elle Dress
My Legally Blonde themed polka dot dress with the lace. An absolute LOVE! Super fun to make and wear. It makes me stand out just a bit more...

So, hopefully soon I will be able to upload some pictures of what these look like on someone (me...)! My camera is having some difficulties but, hopefully I will be able to figure it out! Hope you enjoyed looking at these!!


  1. Wow! These dresses are amazing! You are soo talented! Do you think you could make a dress for me?

    1. Thank you! I find it fun to make all of these dresses!

  2. I love the style of the short black dress! The idea to use the necklace around the neck part of the dress gives it a lot of style!

    1. Thank you! The necklace makes the dress a lot easier to get on and off because it is just a small clasp!