Friday, August 10, 2012

I guess I'm a hypocrite...?

Hey everyone,
  So, if you read the message from before you probably realized that I went camping! Well guess what... I am back! At this point you are probably wondering what the topic of this post means, well first I must begin from when we got to the campsite.
  We got to our campsite at like 9:30 at night because we got lost... a lot! So this meant that we had to put our tent up in the dark. A bunch of the people who we go camping with every year came to help us set up tent. As we pulled out the tent we realized that we brought the wrong poles to hold up the tent. So, they began to duct tape random poles together and tie the tent to trees, in the dark. My thoughts were to just sleep in the car and get up the next morning and figure it out, however they made it work.

Our lop sided tent!

  Fast forward a couple days to last night. Depending on where you all live you might have had to deal with a HUGE thunderstorm. We did! It began late that night and we were all hanging out by the fire, talking, laughing, doing all the things you do while camping and it began to pour. At first we thought nothing of it so we just stayed there. Slowely more and more people went to their own campsite to go to bed. Finally, I walked up the hill and went on our campsite. The tent was still standing. A little lop sided but, it worked. Then I went to bed.
  The next morning I woke and looked around the tent. Half of the tent was collapsed and had two inches of water in it. Luckily, I was dry. I got out of the tent and went to make some coffee. Hours later when we had to go pack up, I went to grap the soaked stuff out of the tent. I remembered my bag full of clothes was in there so I grabbed it. What I found in it was a whole bunch of soaked clothes. I was still in my pajamas and all of my clothes were in that bag, now soaked.
  This is where I get to the hypocritical part. If you look to my background it says that no matter what I will wear pretty clothes. The problem being... all of mine were soaked. In the end, I left wearing a pair of running shorts and a sweatshirt. Comfy but not quite adorable. So, today I had to go into several gas stations on my way home wearing a non fantastic outfit. That is how I was hypocritical.
  On the bright side however, my hair is looking FABULOUS!
So, here are some more pictures of my trip!

I think I may have packed a bit much!

My lovely 11 year old boxer dog, Rocket (we call him Rocky)

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