Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another Bracelet DIY

Hello everyone,
 So, lately I have been seeing a lot of necklaces that are attached with string or rope or yarn on tons of different blogs! I personally like them but, I had another idea! What about bracelets? So, that is what todays DIY is! Sorry if you feel like I got the idea from other blogs, however, I had the idea for this this project before I even read those blogs, so please don't feel as if I am stealing any ones ideas. However, if you do feel like that, either email me what you think (look to the right) or just don't read the rest of this DIY.
 So, I would just like to say that I am sorry if the photos aren't good (I am still having to use my phone, I lost the charger to my camera... Luckily, I found it, but I didn't find it in time to take these pics!).
Start by placing the bracelets next to eachother. I used this mat, but it isn't nessacary.

Pick a piece of thick thread that one would use for embroidery. Thread it on to the needle, then push the needle through one loop one on of the bracelets to the another loop on the other bracelet.

Keep doing thast with the needle, until you get to the end of the bracelets.

Knot the thread.

Here it is!!


  1. I am very impressed with the ideas you come up with. Don't miss Doc's comment on your hair video.-Gramalu